[cgl_discussion] PoC next steps

Rod.VanMeter at nokia.com Rod.VanMeter at nokia.com
Mon Nov 11 14:48:40 PST 2002

Ram and I talked this morning about next steps for the PoC.  Mika
stated a goal of "operational" by December 4.  We tried to put a
little meat into the definition of operational:

* Feature Sets defined
* Requirements mapped to FSes
* Projects mapped to requirements
* Patch Set maintainers identified for at least two-thirds of FSes
* Infrastructure up to support new methodology
  - procedures & FAQs written, so people know what to do
  - any necessary decision processes in place
  - new developer.osdl.org up
* At least half of identified PSes have been instantiated
  (e.g., have OSS project pages)
* Some of PSes are available for download

And I worked out a partial list of things to be done, with dates:

* Assign features to Feature Sets
  - first draft done (10/?)
  - PoC ad hoc approval 11/14
  - TechBoard approval 11/19
* Map requirements to features & FSes (essentially, populate
  the first two columns of Ram's table)
  - first draft 11/14?
  - TechBoard approval 11/21?
* Map projects to requirements (rest of Ram's table)
  - first draft 11/18?
  - TechBoard approval 11/25?
* Find patch set maintainers for feature sets
  - need to begin now!
* Take the existing set of projects and build patch sets around them.
  - need to begin now!

Guinea Pig:


We agreed that the mapping of requirements to feature sets needs to be
in a separate document, rather than just Ram's table of patch sets.

Okay, time to start beating the bushes for patch set maintainers,
in parallel with the other work.  Who's willing to maintain one?

Feedback on all of this is of course appreciated.


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