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Ex-Sun Unit To Do Carrier-Grade Embedded Real-Time Linux 

By   Maureen O'Gara of LinuxGram 

Sun Microsystems has quietly dumped the Chorus embedded RTOS that it
bought five years ago for somewhere between $20 million and $40 million
as part of the cost cutting that the sick economy and Sun?s own poor
health has forced on it.


The code Sun posted reportedly isn't all that Chorus had created under
Sun's administration because Sun-Chorus contained proprietary or
third-party components. In addition, what Sun open sourced it isn't
"buildable," Gien said. Using the open source code as a base, however,
Jaluna has subsequently rewritten the missing pieces and renamed the
Chorus microkernel C5 since it's basically a fifth-generation Chorus. 

Jaluna has also created a new royalty-free carrier-grade package called
Jaluna-1 that includes C5, real-time extensions and new tools, which the
new company is going to port to Linux in the next few months. It also
intends to do the same with Eclipse and Java. Currently the widgetry can
be hosted on either Red Hat 7.3 or Solaris 8 and targeted to IBM's
PowerPC chip, Sun's Sparc or Intel's x86 Pentium within CompactPCI-based

The idea is to leverage and accelerate Linux? penetration of the
embedded market where there?s been great promise but little success. 
Gien calls what exists such as ThreadX, Nucleus and eCos "primitive" by
comparison to Jaluna-1.


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