[cgl_discussion] PoC concall, 10:00 PST, 14 Nov

Steven Dake sdake at mvista.com
Thu Nov 14 07:21:29 PST 2002


You seem to have missed four important items:

1.  block device hot remove @ www.sourceforge.net/projects/atca-hotswap 
(not yet there, coming soon)
2.  scsi&fc midlayer hot add and hot remove @ 
3.  cluster aware multidisk driver (raid and LVM) @ no project page yet
4.  forcibly unmounting filesystems @ no project page yet (mark huth is 
the maintainer)

#1, #2, #4 are required for hotswap of scsi/fc targets to work properly. 
 #3 is specified somewhere in the CGL specifications.

Also, in your hot insert and hot remove areas (#11, #12) you should 
probably refer to PICMG as PICMG 2.12.  Compact PCI hotswap shouldn't be 
confused with Advanced TCA hotswap.


Peddibhotla, Rammohan wrote:

>Here's the doc in its current state.. I'm in the process of collecting info
>on a bunch of projects..
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>Agenda for tomorrow's PoC concall:
>* review my list of things to do by Dec 4
>* beat the bushes for patch set maintainers
>* go over Ram's list of projects (regardless
>  of completeness)
>Anything else?
>Dialin details:
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