[cgl_discussion] Re: Support for asynchronous events

Peter Badovinatz tabmowzo at us.ibm.com
Thu Nov 14 16:37:09 PST 2002

"Frederic Rossi (LMC)" wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> During the OSDL F2F meeting in San Jose, support for asynchronous events
> in the Linux kernel was brought in FS1 - HA platform as part of the
> 'new and wonderful features'.

Much has transpired on this subject, which is good.  However, I'll back
up to one point since we'll need to cover it anyway:

In the 1.1 documents we have described the need for support for "POSIX
Event Logging" (requirement 1.3).  We can look at "POSIX Event Logging"
as a desire to be able to record and trap on arbitrary occurences of
interesting things (and the user defines what are interesting things) in
a consistent and (someday) universal manner.  As the evolution of the
current project that is EvLog continues, or it is eventually replaced by
something else, we can't say authoritatively what that solution might

But we have introduced the phrase "Event Logging" and "Event" already.

Here, we've introduced aysnchronous events.  Are these related to our
earlier work through 'POSIX Event Logging"?  No, they aren't (though
aysnchronous events could feed into 'events' that filter into event

No, I'm not suggesting another name for asynchronous events, but we will
need to consider how going forward with descriptions will need to
differentiate.  A problem will be that when you use the word 'event'
some people will think "POSIX Event Logging" and others will think
"Asynchronous Events".

> As a follow up, I am attaching a document that lists the requirements
> for the support of asynchronous events. It is a first draft and I would
> appreciate your feedback on it.

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