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Mika Kukkonen mika at osdl.org
Mon Nov 18 07:33:38 PST 2002

ELC, LSB, CGL, DCL, OCF ... There certainly is lot of people (and
three-letter organizations! ;-) willing to write specs for Linux ...


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From: murry <murry at sonic.net>
Subject: Standardized embedded Linux getting close
Date: Day, 17 Nov 2002 20:59:45 -0800

*Dear Friends of the Embedded Linux Consortium -- *

I am very pleased to report that our Board of Directors has started the 
clock on the ELCPS -- the Platform Specification -- as delivered by our 
Core Working Group in late October. This is a 45-day clock that ends 
with a vote cycle authorizing public distribution of the ELCPS. If all 
goes as planned, an API-centric standard (V1.0) for the construction of 
embedded Linux platforms will be in public hands before year's end. 
You'll be able to download the specification from our website.

Delivery before year's end is what the Board promised early this year. 
Thanks to the Herculean efforts of the Working Group chaired by Mark 
Brown (IBM) and Mitch Bunnell (LynuxWorks), we are nearly there!

The next steps include setting policy for test and conformance, then 
creating the test suites. We also plan to offer guidance to members on 
how to position their conformance-destined products in the interim. With 
fragmentation destroyed and conformance test suites in hand, profit 
dollars are bound to flow for all kinds of embedded applications. We are 
already seeing new interest among many of the world's leading 
corporations -- companies that require strong supply chain assurance 
 before committing to design ins. The ELCPS provides the assurance.

Linus himself said "watch it flow." Bet on it!

Having witnessed similar standardization efforts in the past, I'd like 
to suggest that now is an excellent time to join the ELC, get involved 
with our standards and gain marketplace traction through the test and 
conformance program we plan to launch in January. "YES to Linux" is what 
customers will be saying when they see the ELCPS conformance logo on 
your product.

The moving target is about to stop! Let me know if you wish more 
information. And, if you are attending the Embedded Systems Conference 
in Boston this week, stop by Booth 1109 for a free embedded Linux catalog.


Murry Shohat    Executive Director
Embedded Linux Consortium
3760 Cross Creek Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
e-mail:  murry at embedded-linux.org   
Voice: 707.576.0115       FAX: 707.576.1944

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