[cgl_discussion] developer site at OSDL

John Cherry cherry at osdl.org
Wed Nov 20 17:08:42 PST 2002

A brief status update is probably in order here.  The developer site
will be integrated into the general navigation of the osdl.org site. 
The developer part of the site is being tested internally.  There is
still some GUI glue being applied in prep for public consumption.  For
CGL, the site has document management (with some revision history
capabilities), bug tracking, feature set page, and other assorted
information (overview, FAQ, wiki scratchpad, mailing lists, etc.).

We are not going to be able to roll this out tomorrow (original goal)
even though the capabilities are ready.  There are a number of
logistical and osdl site-specific work that needs to be done prior to
rollout.  I'll keep y'all informed on the progress.

In the mean time, continue to use phpGroupWare (wg.osdl.org) for
documentation and the mailing lists for everything else.


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