[cgl_discussion] CGL Feature Sets List (new)

Rod.VanMeter at nokia.com Rod.VanMeter at nokia.com
Wed Nov 20 20:50:20 PST 2002

Thanks for the catches on the missing features.

Ram and I had already noticed that SCTP is in the FS list,
but not in the requirements doc, which is why it's not in
Ram's list.  It *IS* in the "marketing requirements" doc
for 2.0.

Which brings me to a topic for the concall tomorrow -- we
need to track the CGL requirements version number that
the Feature Set maps to.  This needs to appear on your
table.  Do we want to maintain a separate FS list for
each CGL version, or an integrated list that shows
the version?

For each feature set, we need a link to Patch Sets that
implement it.  This should probably go at the top of each
FS description, and should of course allow for multiple

There's a significant amount of overlap here with Ram's table;
we should decide how to best present all the info.

Editing nits -- "resilient" is misspelled, and right below
it "disk & vol mgmt" is in the reqt # column.

This table should be dated (and perhaps edit-numbered),
both on the page itself and probably in whatever links
to it.

Thanks for the work; let's talk about this more in the
concall tomorrow.


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> Subject: [cgl_discussion] CGL Feature Sets List (new)
> - Noticed some items that are "unclassified" - Loading proprietary
> modules and Diskless systems are not explicitly mapped to a 
> feature set.
> Added a feature set "does not map" at the end.
> - SCTP appears in the feature set list but is not in Ram's document.
> I don't pretend to be the ultimate arbiter of this so let me know...

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