[cgl_discussion] Patch Set strawman

Rod.VanMeter at nokia.com Rod.VanMeter at nokia.com
Wed Nov 20 23:03:02 PST 2002

Here's a strawman for the contents of a PoC Patch Set,
minus the code itself, which is an extra 100K and not
interesting for discussing the structure of a PS.

At the moment, this PS contains only a single feature,
which makes writing this a little simpler but means
we need to talk about multi-feature PSes, too.

I've applied for a Source Forge project for this.
I'll post a URL when I get it.  Comments on the naming
convention?  I was planning on just appending a letter
to the end to differentiate among different PSes that
implement the same FS.


Patch Set for Carrier Grade Linux Feature Set #2: Networking #1

Patch Set Version Number: 1.0.1
Feature Set Version: 1.0
CGL Requirements Version: 1.1
Patch Against: Linux kernel 2.4.19
Source Forge UNIX name: cgl-fs-net1-a


This Patch Set (PS) contains patches to Linux to implement Carrier
Grade Linux (CGL) Proof of Concept (PoC) Feature Set #2: Networking
#1.  This PS contains miscellaneous networking features, such as
ethernet bonding.

CGL PoC PSes may contain some original code, but will primarily be
content from multiple projects repackaged to work together and apply
as a single patch.  The primary value of these PSes is to make it
easier for users and distributions to build a CGL system, by providing
consistent tracking information on version matching, maturity level,
testing tools and status, etc.

The goal is to create a single patch set that can be applied to a
known version of Linux to create a system that meets the CGL
requirements in a specific area.  There may be multiple PSes that
implement each FS, but each CGL system needs only one.  Applying
exactly PS for each FS should create a CGL system.

reqt 3.4: Ethernet Bonding (AKA Ethernet Link Aggregation and Failover)
	  kernel code
	  userspace tool: ifenslave

Release Notes:
- Implementation Status: mature
- Mainline Acceptance Status: mostly accepted, patches ongoing
- Testing Status: unknown

Included and External Testing Tools:
TBA.  None?

Design Docs:
None known.

Use and Installation Docs:
Included; see Documentation/networking/bonding.txt.

All contents of this PS are GPL.

Installation Script:
Would it be useful to include a script that compiles and installs
ifenslave?  It's currently included in the kernel Documentation

Patch Files:

Insert contents of <bonding-2.4.19-20021119> here.

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