[cgl_discussion] POC minutes - 11/21

John Cherry cherry at osdl.org
Thu Nov 21 10:33:43 PST 2002

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POC Meeting
Nov. 21, 2002

Nokia - Rod
OSDL - Mika, John, Randy, Mark, Dave
IBM - Lisa, Venkat?, Peter?
Intel - Rusty, Ram 
MontaVista - 
RedHat - 
Alcatel -
Ericsson -

Ram's 1.1 project table
   - Item 3: been discussed on lkml.  Not sure if it is going anywhere.
     Will any of the possibilities make it to 2.4/5?  Good question.
     Geoff has been taking patches and testing for the developers.
     AR: (Geoff) Follow up on the status of 2.4 and 2.5.  Will it continue
         to be submitted?
   - Item 4: Suse may be adding this.  Expected to be picked up by MV??
   - Items 6,7,8: Do these meet the requirements?  Hard to say.  The
     real requirement is to use USAGI project code.  USAGI has been receptive
     to IBM patches and Linus has been accepting patches.  Maturity is looking
     pretty good.  For 2.4, you have to start with the USAGI kernel.  For
     2.5, changes are trickling in.  IPsec being developed by network
     developers (Dave, Alexi), not USAGI.  MIPv6 is mediapoli, not USAGI.
   - Item 9: Included in distros.
   - Item 10: In mainline and will be shipped by distros.  RH 8.0 may
     be shipping with NPTL.
   - Item 11,12:  Should change to cPCI Hot Insert and Remove.  Hotplug
     in both 2.4.x (as a patch) and 2.5.x mainlines.  Support for cPCI may 
     be missing for some boards.  Support is split into generic and board 
   - Item 13: Just getting started.
   - Item 15: Developer does not thing this is in a state that should
     be put on sourceforge.  Boot cycle detection may be part of the
     recovery manager.  Currently open.
   - Item 20: Contact MV
   - Item 23: Contact Intel
   - Item 25: Contact Rod
   - Item 29: Contact Intel
   - Item 33: Contact Intel
   - Item 35: Contact Khalid
   - Item 39: Requirements exist.  No project
   - Item 40: Requirements exist.  No project
   - Item 42: Contact IBM
   - Item 43: Contact IBM
   - Item 44: Contact IBM

Dave's Feature Set table
   - Matching requirements to feature sets.
   - Information is needed.
   - Should attempt to avoid redundancy between this and Ram's document.
   - Initial feature set definitions go to the tech board next 
     Tuesday (11/26).
   - Rod has initiated FS2 (Networking #1) on Sourceforge.

   AR: (team) Feedback to Dave on Feature Set representation tool.

   - Requirements that don't match to feature sets.  Generally OK.
   - What is the process for retiring requirements?  Up to spec group.
   - Do we have to track all requirements?  Not necessarily.  Could just
     be a one line tracking item.
   - Will the 2.0 requirements spec include 1.1 requirements?  Requirements
     do not go away, but will bring this up with the spec subgroup.

Review patch set strawman
   - Patch set information should go with the open source project site.

   AR: (team) Send Rod feedback on the format and content

   - Patch sets can use the cglinux sourceforge project to post patches,
     tarballs, etc.

Status of PS maintainers
   - POSIX: Geoff
   - Net #2 (IPv6): Venkat
   - Net #1: rdv
   - TBD: Nokia
   - Tools: OSDL?
   - Storage: IBM?

Review progress toward Dec 4
   - Tech board to approve FSs
   - Initial patch sets kicked off
   - Web site deployed

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