[cgl_discussion] Hyperthreading project home?

Cress, Andrew R andrew.r.cress at intel.com
Mon Nov 25 07:21:52 PST 2002


Does Hyperthreading have a sourceforge home?  It doesn't have one currently
listed on the projects page.


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Subject: [cgl_discussion] Proposed Feature Set list

Based on the excellent work by Dave and Ram, this is what I
see as the current set of Feature Sets.  If you want to comment,
now is your chance.  This list, with any modifications proposed
here, is what I want to take to the Tech Board on Tuesday.


OSDL CGL Feature Sets
Feature Set 1 - POSIX

  Req't #	Feature Name
  1.2.1		POSIX Timer Interface Standard Compliant
  1.2.2		POSIX Signal Interface
  1.2.3		New implementation of POSIX Message Queue Interface
  1.2.4		POSIX Semaphore Interface
Feature Set 2 - Networking #1

  Req't #	Feature Name
  1.8		SCTP Support
  3.4		Ethernet Link Aggregation and Failover

Feature Set 3 - Serviceability

  Req't #	Feature Name
  1.5		SNMP Support
  3.8		Software live upgrade
Feature Set 4 - Networking #2

  Req't #	Feature Name
  1.4.1,1.7.1	IPv6 RFCs
  1.4.2,1.7.2	IPSECv6 RFCs
Feature Set 5 - Storage
  Req't #	Feature Name
  3.5.1		RAID1
  3.6		Resilient Filesystem Support
  3.7		Disk and Volume Management

Feature Set 6 - Tools

  Req't #	Feature Name
  4.2,5.2	Kernel Dumps,
		Kernel Dump Targets,
		Kernel Summary Dump,
		Kernel Dump Analysis
  4.4		Dynamic DebugProbe Insertion and LTT
  5.3		Kernel Debugger
  5.3.2		Kernel Debugger Authentication
  5.8		Consolidated Multithreaded Core Dump
Feature Set 7 - Performance
  Req't #	Feature Name
  1.6		POSIX Threads 
  2.8		Hyperthreading of CPUs
Feature Set 8 - Scalability
  Req't #	Feature Name
  6.5.1		Enhancements for concurrent timers
  6.5.2		SMP and lock contention scaling
  6.5.2		Enhancements for high concurrent thread scaling
  6.5.3		Concurrent process scaling
Feature Set 9 - High Availability Software
  Req't #	Feature Name
  3.3		Application heartbeat
  1.3		Event logging
  4.1.x		Resource monitor
Feature Set 10 - System Initialization

  Req't #	Feature Name
  2.2		Remote boot support
  2.3		Boot Cycle Detection
  2.6.1		Serial Console Connection
  4.13		Fast reboot
  6.3		Application loading
Feature Set 11 - High Availability Hardware #1
  Req't #	Feature Name
  3.2.1		Watchdog timer interface requirements
  4.11		Panic handler enhancements
  4.5		Platform signal handler
Feature Set 12 - High Availability Hardware #2
  Req't #	Feature Name
  2.1.1		Hot Insert
  2.1.2		Hot Remove
  2.1.3		Hot Device Identity


The initial list of Feature Sets I am asking for approval is the
above.  The list below is informative only, completing the enumeration
of all of the requirements in the 1.1 list.  The fate of these is TBD,
and should not be considered in the approval of the above list.
Leave on Requirements List, but No Action Required in PoC:

  Req't #	Feature Name
  1.1		Linux Standard Base Compliance
  2.4		Loading proprietary modules

Will Request Requirements Group to Retire:
  Req't #	Feature Name
  2.5		Diskless Systems
  6.1.2		Kernel Preemption
  6.2		RAID 0 Support

Will Request Requirements Group to Clarify or Delete:

  Req't #	Feature Name
  4.7		Fast Boot-Up Time Enabling
  6.6		Kernel I/O Performance Analysis

For Future Feature Sets:

  Req't #	Feature Name
  1.9		SAF Compliance
  1.4.3,1.7.3	MIPv6 RFCs
  2.6.2		Network Console Operation
  2.7		Automatic Alternate Boot Selection
  3.1.1		Device Driver Hardening Spec
  3.1.2		Sampe Hardened Driver
  3.2.2		Watchdog Timer Pre-Timeout Interrupt
  3.9		App Fail-Over Enabling
  3.10		Data Checkpointing
  3.11		Multi-Node Volume Management
  3.12		Cluster Filesystem
  4.3		Kernel Message Structuring
  4.6		Remote Access to Event Log
  4.9		Online Diagnostics
  4.10		Force Unmount
  4.12		Kernel Dump of Live System
  5.1		User-Level Debug Support for Threads
  5.2		Kernel Dump Analysis
  5.4		Fault Injection
  5.5		Kernel Profiling
  5.6		System Tools to Analyze Execution Profiles
  5.7		Debugging Support for Fork
  6.1.1		Soft Real-Time Performance
  6.4		Scaling Analysis
  6.8		Page Flushing
  6.9		Process Affinity
  6.10		Selectable Scheduler Policy Framework
  6.11		Managing Transient Data
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