[cgl_discussion] Plans for Linuxworld

Mika Kukkonen mika at osdl.org
Mon Nov 25 07:23:12 PST 2002

On ma, 2002-11-25 at 05:55, Lynch, Brendan (Brendan) wrote:
> Are there any CGL exhibits/booths planned for Linuxworld in NY?

OSDL has traditionally had a booth in .org-section. I am pretty
sure, that some of our member companies are going to be present
(an understatement, I know :-) also, but I have no idea, if they are
going to have any CGL content in their pavillions.

> There are 4 telco-related conference sessions (see page 16 of link 
> below), but will there be any telco. exhibits for the masses with the
> free registrations?

Besides the CGL panel discussion on Friday morning, we are planning to
have a CGL BOF on Wed or Thu evening. Can't help you on exhibits.

> I'm organizing a field trip for my group.

Cool. I and probably most of the CGL people will be wandering around
on Wednesday, so if you want to meet some of us at the OSDL booth that
can probably be arranged (for OSDL people at least, can't promise
anything about members of course).



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