[cgl_discussion] Process problem? [recent KDB password checkins]

Randy.Dunlap rddunlap at osdl.org
Tue Oct 1 10:31:22 PDT 2002

On Tue, 1 Oct 2002, Khalid Aziz wrote:

| "Randy.Dunlap" wrote:
| >
| > | Isn't he the maintainer?
| >
| > No, Larry isn't the kernel debugger maintainer.
| >
| Hmmm.... The project maintainers list (attached) shows him to be the
| maintainer for "Kernel Debugger Security" feature.
| BTW, I have seen plenty of check-ins from people who are not
| maintainers. So the process has been broken enough number of times that
| I do not even pay attention to it any more.

Hm, ok, I stand corrected.  They (kernel debugger and debugger
authentication) should have been merged, even if they weren't.
There, another process problem.  :(


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