[cgl_discussion] Process problem? [recent KDB password checkins]

Andy Pfiffer andyp at osdl.org
Tue Oct 1 10:57:04 PDT 2002

On Tue, 2002-10-01 at 10:29, Khalid Aziz wrote:
> "Randy.Dunlap" wrote:
> > 
> > | Isn't he the maintainer?
> > 
> > No, Larry isn't the kernel debugger maintainer.
> > 
> Hmmm.... The project maintainers list (attached) shows him to be the
> maintainer for "Kernel Debugger Security" feature. 

Well, I guess we were lucky this time. I prefer my crow to be served
plain with ketchup and fries on the side. ;^)

I am assuming that part of a maintainer's role is to interact with other
maintainers to avoid collisions and other nasty things happening to the

I have only one small concern about the code that was checked in (the
hard-coded timeout), and we should be able to work that out.


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