[cgl_discussion] project reviews (resend)

Randy.Dunlap rddunlap at osdl.org
Tue Oct 1 16:07:41 PDT 2002


Khalid sent this request on 2002-Sep-04.
I'm just repeating it since some project replies are missing.
The ones that I have seen are listed after Khalid's original request.

Subject: Project review

We had decided that each project needs to go through a review on
cgl_discussion mailing list. We need to get this review started. Project
maintainers need to initaite this process. To kick off the review, here
is what I would suggest sending in an email as a proposal to

1. Quote the requirements from the requirements doc that your project is
expected to meet.

2. Explain how you think the project you have picked meets the above

3. Explain the design of your project or point to a document on the web
that explains the design.

4. Pointer to your code/patch.

This needs to be done very quickly by the maintainers who already have
code in CVS repository. I would propose a deadline of Sep 10th for
intial email to cgl_discussion. For others, I would suggest Sep 13th
(Friday the 13th).

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or objections.


And here are the reviews that I have seen:

1.2.1/P1 Core 1.1:  Posix Timer Interface, High-res timers +Review

1.2.3/P1 Core 1.1:  Posix Message Queue Interface +Review

1.2.4/P1 Core 1.1:  Posix Semaphore Interface +Review

2.3/P1 Config 1.1:  Boot cycle detection (non-kernel) +Review

3.1.1/P1 DD Hard spec -- +Review

3.1.2/P1 DD Sample driver -- +Review

3.3/P1 Config 1.1:  App. Heartbeat Monitor +Review

3.5.1/P1 Config 1.1:  RAID-1 support +Review

4.1.1/P1 Resource monitor specification -- +Review

4.1.2/P1 Config 1.1:  Resource Monitor framework +Review

4.1.3/P1 Config 1.1:  Resource Monitor subsystem +Review

4.1.4/P1 Config 1.1:  Resource Monitor data persistence +Review

4.2.1/P1 Core 1.1:  Kernel dump and analysis +Review
4.2.2/P1 Core 1.1:  Kernel dump and analysis +Review

4.6/P1 Core 1.1:  Remote Access to Event log (non-kernel) +Review
4.1.2 Resource Monitor Framework +Review (as part of 4.6)

4.7/P2 Core 2.0:  Fast Bootup Time Enabling +Review

4.11/P3 Core 2.0:  Panic Handler Enhancements +Review

5.1/P1 Core 1.1:  User-level (gdb) thread support +Review

5.2/P1 Core 1.1:  Kernel dump and analysis +Review

5.3.1/P1 Config 1.1:  Kernel debugger: kdb +Review

6.4.1/P1 Core 2.0:  Concurrent timers scaling analysis +Review

6.5.1/P2 Core 1.1:  Enhancements for concurrent timers +Review



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