[cgl_discussion] SNMP Project Review

Villalovos, John L john.l.villalovos at intel.com
Thu Oct 3 11:16:21 PDT 2002

SNMP Project Review

1. Quote the requirements from the requirements doc that your project is
expected to meet.

Requirement 1.5

2. Explain how you think the project you have picked meets the above

It is "THE" SNMP project out there.  It seems to be the most popular open
source SNMP project available.

3. Explain the design of your project or point to a document on the web
that explains the design.


All that has been done is to take the latest UCD-SNMP aka NET-SNMP code that
Red Hat distributed and stick it into the repository.  No code modifications
have been done.

4. Pointer to your code/patch.

Located in CVS in:  components/ucd-snmp/

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