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Randy.Dunlap rddunlap at osdl.org
Thu Oct 3 14:19:02 PDT 2002

On Thu, 3 Oct 2002, Shureih, Tariq wrote:

| Randy:
| I own the AR for this item but I've been busy with scalability patches to
| get around to it.
| However, I've had a chance to review the AR and come up with a few
| guidelines I'd like to see in the dependencies.
| Each component needs to have it's own README file that explains the
| dependencies for this specific component and provides a link to where these
| dependencies are available whether at developer.osdl.org or anywhere else.
| Further, of course we'll have a directory in CVS to hold all the
| dependencies in which will be available via the CVS web interface.
| My main point is that the main reference to these dependencies should be
| with each component, not in a centralized location since that would make is
| some what useless.

That all sounds fine to me.  BTW, here are the notes from
last week's POC meeting regarding this:

4.  Dependencies for CGLE apps; should we include these with CGLE?
    After discussion, accepted proposal was to:

    -- provide a separate area on CGLE site
         as central dependency package repository.
    -- include source (mandatory) and binaries (optional)
         along with a README mapping projects to
         dependency packages.
    -- on each project site, provide list of dependencies,
         direct and indirect (whole dependency tree)


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| So Tariq or John (or who should do this?), can we get a
| dependencies/ directory, I guess at the same level as
| components/, docs/, jails/, kernel/, and quality/,
| so that we can add software package dependencies that are
| not specific CGL requirements into it?

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