[cgl_discussion] [CGLE 1.0] Release Coordination Meeting Minutes - 10/3/02

Peddibhotla, Rammohan rammohan.peddibhotla at intel.com
Thu Oct 3 17:50:10 PDT 2002

CGLE 1.0 Release Coordination Meeting Minutes- 10/03/02


Tim Anderson, Terence Chen, Randy Dunlap, Mark Haverkamp, Sandy Hoag,
Venkat Jagana, Johannes Jaskari, Mika Kukkonen, Ville Lavonious, 
Rusty Lynch, Ram Peddibhotla, Lisa Perry, Andy Pfiffer, Rob Rhoads, 
Tariq Shureih, Mauri Whalen

Summary of Discussion:

- Milestone M3 Development (due 10/4)

   * Agreed to not include hot device identity code in CGLE 1.0 since it is 
     currently in pre-alpha state. 

   * Deliverables from restructured driver hardening project are now moved
     CGLE 2.0 (see details below)

   * No status on selectable schedule policy framework feature. Ram and
     Mika to follow up offline with project maintainer.

   * All other development items are on track for 10/4 check in.

- Milestone M3 Validation Suites (due 10/15)

   * IBM will be the validation maintainer for IPv6. Due to the porting
effort of
     migrating the tests from BSD to Linux, these validation suites will
come in
     after 10/15. Date to be finalized next week.

   * No status on software live upgrade, selectable scheduler policy 
     framework and kernel debugger authentication validation suites. Ram and
     Mika to follow up offline.

   * All other validation items are on track for 10/15 completion.

- Driver hardening update

   * Based on Linux kernel mailing list feedback, this project will be
     partitioned into two separate endeavors - driver hardening
     and instrumentation (diagnostics, statistics, event logging, etc).

   * Current spec will morph into a Driver Hardening HOWTO and will be 
      created in conjunction with the kernel janitor project.

   * Instrumentation projects will each be worked independently as separate 

   * Instrumentation code that is currently checked into cvs (CRMS, CSM,
     will be pulled out.

- Validation run plan

   * Agreed to the validation run plan that calls for weekly runs of
     tests and once in 3wks runs of manual tests.

   * Integration will produce weekly pre-milestone builds that will be used
     these validation runs.

- Opens:

   * Project home pages on developer.osdl.org should be populated with 
     project links, description and docs (or links to docs). Agreed that the

     project reviews we've done could be leveraged for this. A new doc
     milestone will be added to the milestone plan.

   * There is a new scalability patch available that is preemption
     Initial regression tests are showing that bugs found previously are not
     recreatable. Integration will proceed with checking in this patch.

- ARs:
   * Rob: Remove driver instrumentation code from cvs

   * All project maintainers: Populate project home pages

Updated docs:
Available at:

Proposed agenda for next week's meeting:

- 08:30 - 08:50 am      CGLE 1.0 milestone M3 development tracking

- 08:50 - 09:30 am      CGLE 1.0 milestone M3 validation tracking

- 09:30 - 09:50 am      Opens & ARs

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