[cgl_discussion] configurable requirements - are they specified somewhere?

Craig Thomas craiger at osdl.org
Mon Oct 7 17:22:11 PDT 2002

I was looking over the Requirements Definition version 1.1 document
and I counted 45 requirements that are classified as configurable.
This includes all priority 1, 2 and 3 requirements.

My question is:  Has someone put together the actual specification
for the names of these configurable variable names and the possible
values (OK, I realize they would be '=y' or '=n', in a config file, but
I'm stating this for completeness)?  

Some of these are set as a boot command option, so these names and
values would be helpful as well.

If someone has this information on a single cheat sheet, I would
appreciate a copy of it.  Furthermore, I would think that this is a good
thing to add to the Requirements Definition document under each 
configurable requirement.

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