[cgl_discussion] CONFIG_HYPERTHREADING ??

Randy.Dunlap rddunlap at osdl.org
Tue Oct 8 11:57:32 PDT 2002

On Tue, 8 Oct 2002, Patrick Mochel wrote:

| > I've heard some discussion of hyperthreading for PPC systems (and
| > not actually released yet).  The concept isn't specific to x86.
| I have too, but as far as I know, it's not the 'Evil Twin' type of
| hyperthreading. The PPC64 boxes have an entirely separate core on the die
| and don't require any software hack to get it to work (well). I.e. you
| don't enable or disable it.

Right, a more completed twin.  :)

| I don't really know, though, and it is the case that you can
                          missing ^if ?
| enable/disable it, then there should be a config option iff there are
| special code paths for HT-enabled CPUs and the presence of the code paths
| is not solely dependent on the enabling of the specific processor type.

Thanks for everyone's comments.
I think I'm hearing that we don't need CONFIG_HT and that's fine
with me.  We already have 2 other ways to do it, so I won't expect
a third way.

  "In general, avoiding problems is better than solving them."
  -- from "#ifdef Considered Harmful", Spencer & Collyer, USENIX 1992.

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