[cgl_discussion] Request for proposals: v.2 projects

Mika Kukkonen mika at osdl.org
Fri Oct 11 12:57:57 PDT 2002

On pe, 2002-10-11 at 11:38, Cress, Andrew R wrote:
> Is this for a complete package or just for kernel-level improvements?  If
> you want to consider user-level stuff too, here are some ideas.  Two things
> that relate to projects that I am involved in are things that I was thinking
> about for v2.    
I'm open to anything, as long as there is somekind of (tenious)
connection to the words "carrier grade" and "Linux". Naturally stuff
outside "Linux OS" (which in CGL means Linux kernel + "interfaces" ;-)
conflicts with our charter and needs to be dropped.

> WRT various hardware faults,
> "Predictive Failure Analysis":
> User-space code to analyze events/errors and make a reasonable prediction of
> when a given device is likely to fail.   With disk errors, for example,
> there are several metrics to use, that are now available in CGLE 1.0
> kernels.

Hmmm.. this does sound something that "HA Framework middleware" (meaning
SAForum stuff) should provide, particulary the part about making
predictions. But I'll take it up next week, although the parts we could
consider are already under Device Driver hardening feature in 1.1. But
as that feature needs revisiting anyway, it's ok.

> WRT clustering, panic & other event handling, 
> Sample Event parsing & actions:
> Building a solution that involves notifying a remote system, and
> constructing the actions that the remote system needs to take.  For example,
> if the remote system receives an SNMP alert of a cluster membership change
> or of a system panic, how to build a script/program to take corrective
> action (directed failover, etc.).  A sample solution would answer questions
> about how to do this and how long the turnaround time would be.  Some
> candidate building blocks would not fit this level of automation, though.

This is definitely part of clustering stuff. Again the line between us
and SAForum is hazy, but some parts of this certainly needs to be at
least discussed next week for FS2 content.

Thanks for input!


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