[cgl_discussion] Proposal to replace Resource Monitor with Pe rformance Co-Pilot

Pan, Deng deng.pan at intel.com
Sun Oct 20 19:44:37 PDT 2002

There is a GUI for PCP called "pcpmon". We have used it for a long time and
it is fine.

The RPM for pcpmon can be found on rpmfind.net and it has already been
integrated into SuSE.

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Subject: [cgl_discussion] Proposal to replace Resource Monitor with
Performance Co-Pilot

Attached is a comparison of the Resource Monitor and SGI's Performance
Co-Pilot (PCP). Because of PCP has
1. Superior monitoring capabilities
2. Access many more system metrics
3. Fully developed archive logging feature
4. Application trace facility
5. No dependence on the event log package
I propose that PCP be used in the next release of GCLE in place of the
Resource Monitor.
CGLE 1.0 requirements that PCP satisfies:
Requirement: 4.1.2 Resource Monitor Framework
Requirement: 4.1.3 Resource Monitor Subsystems
Requirement: 4.1.4 Resource Monitor Data Persistence
Requirement: 4.1.5 Resource Monitor Performance

Todd C. Davis
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