[cgl_discussion] Dealing with the Linux Kernel Community slides

Randy.Dunlap rddunlap at osdl.org
Mon Oct 21 10:00:50 PDT 2002

On Mon, 21 Oct 2002, greg k-h wrote:

| A number of different people have asked me for the slides from my talk at
| the CGL meeting last week, so I've put them online for everyone at:
|     http://www.kroah.com/linux/talks/cgl_talk_2002_10_16/
| The magicpoint source file is at:
|     http://www.kroah.com/linux/talks/cgl_talk_2002_10_16/cgl_talk_2002_10_16.mgp
| if people want to use it to convert to postscript or some other format.
| Thanks again for inviting me to talk, and feel free to contact me if
| anyone has any other questions.
| _______________________________________________

Thanks.  I meant to ask for them too.

Inaky, can we see yours also?


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