[cgl_discussion] New draft of PoC restructuring proposal

Skip Ford skip.ford at verizon.net
Mon Oct 28 16:22:51 PST 2002

Wilson, Andrew wrote:
> There are many well-known open source and free software projects with
> participant's agreements.
> To name just the first few that pop to mind, you must sign an assignment of
> copyright to contribute code to the GNU Project.  Ditto to
> Sun for Open Office.  The Xfree86.org bylaws require contributors to assign
> applicable copyrights and patents.  Etc., etc., etc.  The kernel is actually
> rather unique in its laissez-faire attitude toward IP.  Let's hope this
> never comes back to bite us....  In the meantime, when starting a new open
> source effort,
> it just seems prudent to take care of any IP ownership questions right up
> front.

Obviously IANAL.  It would seem to me if I write code and license it as
GPL and you incorporate it into your tree, you're covered.  But I don't
have a problem with you protecting the project with an agreement just
in case I'm wrong :)

I guess I'm not missing much on those subgroup lists anyway.  I'll just
keep lurking and learning bits and pieces.  I've been looking for the
mailing list where patches are actually exchanged, but that isn't what
those lists are for apparently.


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