[cgl_discussion] CGL/POC meeting minutes - 10/31

John Cherry cherry at osdl.org
Thu Oct 31 13:40:59 PST 2002

POC Team Meeting
October 31, 2002

Attendees (could have missed some)
Intel - Ram, Rusty, Terence
Nokia - Rod, Johannes
MontaVista - Tim
IBM - Venkat, Lisa
OSDL - Mika, Andy, Craig, Mark
       Randy, John

* review of steering group meeting
  - status of PoC restructuring discussion
  - status of 1.1 requirements
* create a list of followon work if PoC restructuring is approved

Proposed list of followon work:
    * Define Feature Set & Patch Set concepts
    * Proposal for solving the mailing list issue
    * Define the feature sets based on v.1.1. specs
    * Assign leads for v.1.1 FS'es
    * Proposal for interaction between PoC and devel-kernel (2.5)
    * Proposal for interaction between PoC-sg and distros
    * Proposal for tracking process

Restructuring Proposal
   - Everything was approved by Steering group
   - POC should start defining processes and roles

   - cvs repository will be going away.  It will probably stick around
     for a couple more weeks while the new developer.osdl.org is defined
     and put in place.
   - Items no longer needed are the cvs repository, the build tab and
     the validation tab.
   - Feature sets and patch sets can be defined in the projects area.
   - Bugzilla should be kept as a resource for developers and patch set

   AR - John to send out a stawman proposal for what developer.osdl.org
        should be.  Target: 11/1

Feature set and patch set concepts
   - Basic definitions are in the proposal
   - Patch set clarifications
      - will be owned by interested parties
      - will be based on specific kernel versions
   - Process for determining and adding feature sets
      - POC group to settle on initial feature sets by next week (11/7)
      - After initial feature sets are determined, changes will be
        proposed in the POC group.  Feature sets are expected to be
        fairly dynamic.
   - What will feature set leads/maintainers do?
      - Propose patch sets and monitor/track patch sets for the feature
      - Since the definition (above) looked like mostly a tracking
        function, it was proposed that we do not have leads/maintainers
        and that Ram assume this role.  Ram will create the tracking
        mechanism and we can determine next week whether this is
        sufficient to handle the role.

   AR - Rod will send out expanded definitions with more of the detail
        discussed at the meeting today.  Target: 11/1
   AR - Mika will send out the list of feature sets which were
        proposed last week.  <done>
   AR - Ram to develop tracking mechanisms for feature sets and patch
        set and send them out for review prior to the 11/7 meeting.

Misc ARs
   AR - Johaness to send out HDI proposal to mailing list <done>
   AR - Randy to send out a list of the projects in CGLE that he feels
        do not have open source homes. Target: 11/4
   AR - Rod to take responsibility to define and document POC processes
        and roles.  Target: ASAP, but no later than 12/4
        (Rod may not remember this AR, but it was an action item at the
        meeting with no owner! :)

Next meeting: November 7

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