[cgl_discussion] PPC support in CGL??

Craig Arsenault penguin at wombat.ca
Thu Sep 5 06:34:26 PDT 2002

Hi all,
  Just a quick question:  I looked at the technical scope paper &
architecture spec paper of CGL
and i couldn't see anything that specifically said so, but are you
only targetting x86 (ie. Intel, etc) based platforms for the majority
of carrier-grade enhancements?  I looked at some of the patches in
your CVS tree, and some of them are for only x86 boxes (ie. the LKCD
one, etc. ).  Are there any plans to support PPC architectures (or
other ones)?

I do realize that Intel has contributors to this project and that x86
boxes are prevelant in the industry as a whole (and any new patches in
the linux community are always released on x86 first for sure), but I
was just wondering what CGL felt about this issue?  If this has
already been addressed somewhere and I've just missed it, please point
me in that direction.

I'm just asking because there are several large companies that do use
PPC boards (including cPCI boards) in telco products, and use Linux on

Thanks very much.

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