[cgl_discussion] Bug Scrub Meeting Notice

Lynch, Rusty rusty.lynch at intel.com
Thu Sep 5 10:04:53 PDT 2002

A weekly bug scrub phone meeting will be starting up next week.  
Attendees should include:
* A representative for each project.  In most cases there will 
  just be one person from each company that represents all the 
  projects that the company resources.
* PoC chair
* PoC maintainer
* Validation chair (yea, I have to show up)
* Integration lead
* Anyone that wants escalate a particular issue with a bug

As CGLE progresses, the frequency for bug scrubs will be adjusted,
but for now I have setup a weekly meeting with the following 
bridge information:

Time: Monday's from 9:00AM-10:00AM PST
Bridge Number: 1-916-356-2663
Bridge Reservation: #3

Each week has a different passcode:
Passcode for 09/03/2002: 8701820
Passcode for 09/16/2002: 7102404
Passcode for 09/23/2002: 0071654
Passcode for 09/30/2002: 9517561
Passcode for 10/07/2002: 6520532

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