[cgl_discussion] PPC support in CGL??

Craig Arsenault penguin at wombat.ca
Thu Sep 5 10:40:04 PDT 2002

On 5 Sep 2002, Mika Kukkonen wrote:

> Hi Craig!
> Our work is meant to be HW agnostic, but as our resources are limited,
> the Reference Implementation (i.e. stuff at CVS in developer.osdl.org)
> is tested to work only on x86 (as 99% of OSDL's machines are x86). We
> do try to keep code non-x86 dependent as far as it is feasible.
> In fact, one of the goals I have stated that when proposing a feature we
> should ensure, that it can be made to work also on non-x86 architecture,
> and I think PPC is the best reference architecture to compare to.
> As a bottomline, I feel that it is up to the corresponding project
> maintainer to decide, if he/she wants to accept patches that contain
> code specific to non-x86 architectures. I certainly do not see any
> reason why not to (besides the effort/resourcing), if patch's purpose is
> just to make the feature to work also on non-x86 architecture.
> --MiKu

  That's good to know.  The reasonings & rationale make perfect sense.
Is IBM or Motorola going to step up and donate some PPC hardware
and/or designer time for the effort anytime soon?  ;-)

Are there any other PPC-interested parties monitoring this list, or am
I alone in a sea of Intel boxes?  Just curious.

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