[cgl_discussion] [CGLE 1.0] Release Coordination Meeting Minutes - 9/5/02

Peddibhotla, Rammohan rammohan.peddibhotla at intel.com
Thu Sep 5 18:54:54 PDT 2002

CGLE 1.0 Release Coordination Meeting Minutes- 9/5/02


Khalid Aziz, Larry Butler, Terence Chen, John Cherry, Randy Dunlap, 
Mark Haverkamp, Sandy Hoag, Venkat Jagana, Johannes Jaskari, 
Mika Kukkonen,  Rusty Lynch, Ram Peddibhotla, Lisa Perry, 
Andy Pfiffer, Tariq Shureih, Imad Sousou, Criag Thomas, 
Mauri Whalen

Summary of Discussion:

- Milestone M2 (due 8/30)

   * M2 is complete. Sanity check submissions for all M2 items are 
     done. Developer.osdl.org repository is now open for checkins from 
     project maintainers.

   * PoC chair continuing review of the diff file. This is expected to 
     complete mid next week.

   * Discussed and agreed on process for dealing with unclaimed code.
     First step is to freeze the code and determine if the code is
     unclaimed due to oversight or logistical issues such as vacations
     etc. If code remains unclaimed for TBD duration, it will be pulled 
     out of developer.osdl.org cvs.

- Milestone M3 (due 10/15):

   * Development items are mostly on track

   * Status/issues of validation items will be tracked starting next

   * There are a couple of validation maintainers slots that are open.
      Rusty to follow up on what could be done to fill these slots. If 
      maintainer ownership is not finalized by 9/16, these items will be
      tagged for removal.

- Opens:
   * IPv6 maintainer issue: We agreed to try and obtain a
     maintainer from participating TEMs for this item since IBM's 
     internal processes prevent Venkat from being the maintainer.

   * Validation execution: Rusty to own definining process of running
      validation suite, platform to run on etc.

- ARs:
   * Khalid: Investigate if hotplug and hotswap can coexist.
   * Ram, Lisa: Follow up on finalizing IPv6 maintainer
   * Rusty: Process for running validation suites incl. platform to run on.
   * Sandy: How does MontaVista handle IPv6 crypto issues?.

Updated milestone plan:
Available at:

Proposed agenda for next week's meeting:

- 08:30 - 09:30 am   CGLE 1.0 milestone M3 tracking
- 09:30 - 10:00 am  Opens & ARs

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