[cgl_discussion] Something we might be able to work on relating the LSB

Lynch, Rusty rusty.lynch at intel.com
Fri Sep 6 09:14:24 PDT 2002

Some of our validation engineers have been comparing the LSB validation
suite results for stock Linux 2.4.18 kernels with the integrated set of CGLE
patches applied to the results of the LSB suites run on a RedHat 7.3
distribution.  There are a lot of failures that have been documented by LSB
where RedHat has fixed with a big Alan Cox patch.

Since we are wording our requirements such that and CGLE work will not
"break" LSB compliance, then we are not obligated to work on patches to the
kernel to make it more LSB compliant.  However this does bring up some
meaningful work as a future project.  I haven't really looked into this any
further, so for all I know all of these LSB bugs could be fixed in the 2.5.x

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