[cgl_discussion] Check in logs for recent CVS check-ins

Khalid Aziz khalid at fc.hp.com
Fri Sep 6 10:05:10 PDT 2002

Exceptions can always be made for right reasons :-) If you are commiting
code that covers a number of bugs, a compromise would be to make general
references to the kind of bugs you have fixed and enhancements you have
made in a single log, for example "fixing a number of bad memory
references, enhancing error handling for cases where x or y happens, and
adding enhancements to handle request z more gracefiully". I am sure you
can find a balance between extremely verbose and detailed log that
refers to individual bugfixes vs extremely terse log that fails to say
anything. As a compromise, you can also open a single bug in bugzilla
that lists all of the bugfixes you are making in a single check-in and
potentially open another bug that lists all the enhancements you are
commiting in a single check-in and then refer to these two bug numbers
in your check-in log which might be a one liner that says you are
commiting a number of bugfixes and enhancements, see bug #ABC and bug
#XYZ for details.

Please feel free to ask more questions if need be.


"Brugger, Andrea L" wrote:
> I admit I am guilty of doing this, but I believe I have a good reason.  This
> particular check-in spans almost a month of work and is not a typical - "fix
> one bug" - check-in, so it would have required re-entering the logs for all
> of the check-ins for the past month otherwise.  I was hoping we could make
> an exception here since we are syncing a lot of work rather than just
> copying the cvs history, etc. as-is.
> If there is a better way of retrieving the history than manually re-entering
> the logs, please let me know so I can save some time (and do it right) for
> the remainder of my sync-ups.

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