[cgl_discussion] Questions on mappings of validation suites t o requirements

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Panic handler enhancements is Req 3.11. Hyperthreading was recently included
as a requirement - not sure if there is a number assigned yet.

Ownership for item 79 and 99 was discussed in the release coordination
meeting yesterday. Validatinon chair has the AR to try and sign up
maintainers for these by 9/16.


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I'm hoping someone on this list can answer my questions.

I'm looking at the validation suites listed in milestone M3, and there were
two suites where I was unsure which requirement in the CGLE requirements
document they applied to.  Those suites were:

Item 82 - Panic Handler Enhancements
Item 98 - Hyper-threading support with Processor Affinity

Can anyone tell me which requirement number these suites are testing?

Also, I may have missed the discussion, but do we have validation suite
owners for:

Item 79 - Disk and Volume Management
Item 99 - Multithreaded core dump

- Julie

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