[cgl_discussion] Check in logs for recent CVS check-ins

Villalovos, John L john.l.villalovos at intel.com
Fri Sep 6 11:05:58 PDT 2002

Too be honest in my humble opinion I think it would have been a better idea
to sync the repositories and then all the history is there for what happened
after Aug 15th.  I have other reasons that I think we should sync the
repository too :)


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I have been looking at the recent check-ins into CVS and the log
messages for a number of those check-ins simply say "Changes since Aug
15", or "sync from TLT trek2 9/6/02". This breaks the rules set forth in
developer's guide on page 12 which says that when checking in code for a
bugfix , the log must refer to a bug number in bugzilla. If these
check-ins were not for bugfixes, they were rather functionality
enhancement, a more descriptive log would be extremely helpful.


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