[cgl_discussion] Something we might be able to work on relati ng the LSB

Mika Kukkonen mika at osdl.org
Fri Sep 6 11:40:34 PDT 2002

On Fri, 2002-09-06 at 11:30, Lynch, Rusty wrote:
> Yea, the language is messed up.  Let me try again:
> Fact #1: The stock Linux 2.4.x kernels fail a bunch of LSB validation test.
> This has been document by LSB.
> Fact #2: Red Hat (via an Alan Cox patch) has fixed a bunch of these
> failures.
> If we wanted too, we could create a patch that fixes various LSB failures
> (just like Red Hat did.)  I'm just thinking out loud.

OK, now I got it, and the answer no, it is not our job to make vanilla 
2.4.18 kernel to pass LSB tests, it is the Linux distribution vendors job.


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