[cgl_discussion] Validation Test Suite for Scalability patches

Stephanie Glass sglass at us.ibm.com
Tue Sep 10 12:51:26 PDT 2002

I'm not suer of the procedure for doing this, so I thought I would ask
before I just did it.

I am listed as the maintainer for the Scalability patches.  Those patches
are covered for FVT with the LTP test suite.  I don't really want to create
another version of the LTP and call it Scalability patches.  I also, don't
really want to rename LTP to Scalability patches since the community
already knows those tests as the LTP.  When I write the test plan for
Scalability patches, can I just reference the LTP and give the location
where the tests are?  What do you want to see happen for this feature?



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