[cgl_discussion] RE: Validation Test Suite for Scalability patches

Lynch, Rusty rusty.lynch at intel.com
Tue Sep 10 13:07:05 PDT 2002

Let's use the existing LTP suite, but still add a test suite to the
directory structure for "scalabilityenhancements" or whatever the
requirement name is.  The new suite would contain a README that explained
that the implementation for the test are really handled under the LTP suite,
an entry in the spec file that made a runtime dependency on the "ltp" suite,
and a wrap.sh that called into the other suite to execute whatever test are
appropriate and produce a results.txt structured in the standard format.

Does that make sense?  If you want I can easily put together a new
"scalabilityenhancements" suite that does all of the above except for the
correct logic inside wrap.sh.

The advantage of maintaining a "scalabilityenhancements" suite is that we
can still use the directory structure to enforce tractability like we
designed in the framework specification.  The suite would still follow all
the rules of a validation suite since it would be located in the correct
directory, still be started in the standard way, and still report results in
the standard way.  The fact that the suite depends on some other code is an
implementation detail.


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I'm not suer of the procedure for doing this, so I thought I would ask
before I just did it.

I am listed as the maintainer for the Scalability patches.  Those patches
are covered for FVT with the LTP test suite.  I don't really want to create
another version of the LTP and call it Scalability patches.  I also, don't
really want to rename LTP to Scalability patches since the community
already knows those tests as the LTP.  When I write the test plan for
Scalability patches, can I just reference the LTP and give the location
where the tests are?  What do you want to see happen for this feature?



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