[cgl_discussion] Project Review: Hardened Drivers

Rhoads, Rob rob.rhoads at intel.com
Wed Sep 11 10:40:46 PDT 2002

Project Review for the Hardened Drivers Project

1. Quote the requirements from the requirements doc
   that your project is expected to meet.

  Category: Availability
  Requirement: 3.1.0 Hardened Driver Support
     CGL will provide hardened device drivers.
     API to be defined within the spec.

  Requirement: 3.1.1 Device Driver Hardening Specification
     CGL shall provide a specification describing Hardening
     of Device Drivers. The purpose of this specification is
     to provide common interfaces and APIs and coding practices
     for existing and new device drivers. This shall include
     three levels of device driver hardening requirements 
     listed in Req ID 3.1.2 below.

     API to be defined within the spec.

  Requirement: 3.1.2 Drivers Required to be Hardened
     Each platform configuration has a set of platform-specific
     device drivers installed. Not all device drivers installed
     on this platform will be required to be hardened. However,
     for this platform to be CGL compliant, drivers for the 
     following device types need to be hardened if the platform is
     configured with them:

     * Network devices.

     * Physical direct-access storage devices (e.g., disks) and 
       their associated mid-layer drivers. For example, both 
       SCSI driver and mid layer driver(s) need to be hardened.

     * Logical storage devices (e.g., LVMs).

2. Explain how you think the project meets the
   above requirements.

   The requirements were written with the spec in mind. The spec 
   specifies coding standards and kernel level interfaces that a 
   hardened driver is required to use. The CSM, CRMS, Evlog 
   projects implement these interfaces defined and/or referenced 
   in the spec.

   The project does NOT yet provide patches/changes to specific
   drivers. The spec still needs to be reviewed and should be 
   ratified by the CGL working group, before development on 
   modifying existing drivers can begin.

3. Explain the design of the project or point to
   a document on the web that explains the design.

   Hardened Drivers Project Home Page: 

   Hardened Drivers (Draft) Specification: 

   Related Projects

      Linux Diagnostics: 

      Common Statistics Manager (work in-progress): 

      Linux Event Logging for Enterprise-Class Systems:

4. Pointer to the code/patch.

   Kernel Header Files:

   Sample Hardened Driver:

   CRMS (Common Resource Management System)

   CSM (Common Statistics Manager):
   CVS on developer.osdl.org. Will be posted on SourceForge,
   as either its own project or part of the hardened drivers
   project (TBD).

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