[cgl_discussion] CGL required specs.

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Attached is the PSH spec.

One question though, I thought that all maintainers will be responsible to
post all project related documents to their section on developer.osdl.org
including white papers, design docs and specs? Is this expected?


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I want to make sure that I haven't missed any of the CGL(E) v1
docs.  This is what I've been able to locate.

If you can help fill in any missing gaps here, please do so.

Required Specs and Infrastructure
=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D System Device Enumeration spec : N/A (WIP)

3.1.1/P1 DD Hard spec :
URL:  http://hardeneddrivers.sourceforge.net
spec:  http://hardeneddrivers.sourceforge.net/downloads/DDH-Spec-0.5h.pdf

4.1.1/P1 Resource monitor specification :
URL:  http://resourcemntrd.sourceforge.net/
  docs. to be added soon to https://sourceforge.net/projects/resourcemntrd
  have HTML file via email titled:
  "High Level Design of ResourceMonitor and EventLog SNMP Subagent"

4.5/P1 Platform Signal Handler infrastructure : N/A (WIP)

4.9.1/P2 Online diagnostics specification : N/A ??
URL:  http://linux-diag.sourceforge.net/

5.4.1/P2 Fault injection specification : N/A ??


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"Linux is not a research project. Never was, never will be."
  -- Linus, 2002-09-02

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