[cgl_discussion] CGL required specs.

Ketrenos, James P james.p.ketrenos at intel.com
Fri Sep 13 16:02:28 PDT 2002

developer.osdl.org now supports project management for documents, news,
information, and forums all on a per project basis.

I am still working on the account creation section (with email
verification), so until it is working if you want an account, please email
me (not this mailing list) with:

email address 
first name
last name

In addition, if you are the maintainer of CGLE project please email me the
project name along with the above information and I will create a project
for you on the site and set you up as maintainer of that project.  Once set
up you can then go in and put in the relevant project description, etc.


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I too looking forward to seeing all project maintainers create, maintain,
and post all project related documents to their respective sections on

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Can we start posting these files some-where on PHP rather then attaching 
them in the email. As a TEM, I am happy with increased usage of the network,
but also unhappy when I am fetching my mail on low speed link


At 9/13/2002 02:10 PM -0700, george anzinger wrote:
>Khalid Aziz wrote:
>> Terence,
>> Can you convert this doc to a Linux-friendly format like pdf? As a
>> general rule, can we avoid posting non linux-friendly document formats.
>> After all we are working on Linux here.
>I consider pdf as only marginally better.  Html, IHMO is the
>way to go.
>George Anzinger   george at mvista.com
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