[cgl_discussion] [validation framework] FW: What's the graph format in results.txt xml file?

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Moving this thread to CGL discussion.

I'll also re-add my comments.

I was also thinking that we can expand the <Graph></Graph> XML tags (which
were mostly just placeholders) to accommodate what real users of the XML
grammar would like to see.

If your suite output raw data (not graphs), then we could put that in the
<Graph></Graph> tags using something like:
<Graph><Point X=1, Y=43></Point><Point X=2, Y=51></Point></Graph>
and we could eventually parse the graphs as part of our XML parsing program.

If not, we could still add more rules on what should go within the
<Graph></Graph> tags.  Some ideas:
- an URL to results
- a name of a graph file in the
$CGL_VALIDATION_ROOT/category/requirement/results directory

At this point, we can work towards implementing something that meets the
needs of the current suite that requires graphing and update as needed.

- Julie

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You should be able to use anything you want, but it would be a good
idea to use a common utility to graph the results.  Also, you need
to assume that CGLE is not dependent upon any one specific distribution
so make sure the utility you use to graph results would be included
in all major distros, including debian.  The suggestions you mention
below would seem to fit the criteria.

As far as using a file link or placing the bitmap within the XML text,
it doesn't really matter.  However, I personally favor a link to a
separate file.  I have found that that has given me the greatest

On Mon, 2002-09-16 at 03:48, Zhu, Yi wrote:
> Hi
> I want to add a performance chart for event log performance test. But the
> validation framework spec seems not talk much about the details, should I
> use a file link(location) or just the graph bitmap itself between the xml
> tab <Graph> and </Graph>? What format should I use (pdf, ps, png, etc)?
> I mention it in some attribute list in Graph?
> Thanks,
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