[cgl_discussion] First full ABAT run

Fleischer, Julie N julie.n.fleischer at intel.com
Tue Sep 17 17:01:22 PDT 2002

ABAT has had it's first full run using all ported ABAT test suites against
CGLE 1.0 build 38.  This build includes all items ported to CGLE 1.0 minus
the LVM changes, and usagi is version 20020513.

For ABAT status, see:
http://tinderbox.developer.osdl.org/abat.php?log=1032295775.23042 (output
says 39, but 38 was tested build).

The following issues have been found with this build.  These will be
investigated and bugzilla reports written as soon as possible.

* SNMP does not appear to be functional
* Kernel configuration tests are becoming up-to-date with the product
(Should pass soon.)
* Resource Monitor currently fails b/c e100 driver not enabled on ABAT
* Hyperthreading ABAT appears to have a false pass.
* Installation errors:
  * e1000-2.4.18-TLT-SMP - error with %post scriplet
  * loading ipmi_comb.o will taint the kernel
  * lkcd_diskconsole - error with %post scriplet
  * lkcd_netconsole - error with %post scriplet
  * ltp - needs /usr/bin/expect to install
  * Two warnings seen when installing kernel source.
  * threads_testsuite - needs /usr/bin/expect to install

- Julie
Julie Fleischer
Intel Corporation
julie.n.fleischer at intel.com

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