[cgl_discussion] POSIX message queue reqts/arch conflict

Gustafson, Geoffrey R geoffrey.r.gustafson at intel.com
Thu Sep 19 14:48:47 PDT 2002

The 1.1 requirements document says we're aiming for POSIX 2001 compliance
for message queues; that is, specs 1b, 1d, 1j, 1q, and beyond to 2001.

The 1.1 architecture document says we're aiming for POSIX.1b alone. It goes
on to imply that these calls, along with other POSIX calls, will be
supported in a single 'libposix' library. This seems overly specific to me,
and is not in keeping with the reality that we are pulling in multiple
implementations and are probably better off not conglomerating them, when
they are independent open source projects.

-- Geoff

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