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Howell, David P david.p.howell at intel.com
Fri Sep 20 15:17:14 PDT 2002

I joined the list this morning and have done some browsing. I'd like to 
finish this out to make sure that I am not asking wrong or answered 
questions, before I start posting. Hopefully will have a chance early 
next week.

Dave Howell

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Howell, David P wrote:

>There are kernel patches to backport and a new GLIBC (2.3) that has to be 
>compiled with gcc-3.2. As this is the first pre-release and they stamped 
>'early access' all over it in the announce, I'd imagine that it's going to 
>be a while before it's stable enough for products.
>It would be nice to get some read on it's effectiveness, performance, and
>scalability vs NGPT, for future planning. I'm sure that binary
>is going to be interesting based on what we have gone though with NGPT; 
>everything that you want to use is definitly not 'well-behaved' and their 
>disclaimer at this point is an indication that they are seeing issues. 

All good questions. Subscribe to the email list in the post and ask away, no
need to guess!


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