[cgl_discussion] obscuring email names in the list/archives?

Dave Fuller dave at osdl.org
Mon Sep 23 15:38:37 PDT 2002


We're working on the spam filter issue.  No ETA just yet.

Question is, will that be sufficient to ward off obnoxious
behavior by the spammers while making it possible to directly
contact an individual of interest if you want to have a 
1:1 conversation?  

We could obscure mailtos and most email addresses with some
mail munging but it would seem counterproductive if you want
to send mail to an individual.

Alternatively, we could possibly obscure mail addresses just
in the archives and leave them in the open on the list 

I notice that LKML does not obscure mail addresses, at least
in the MARC archives.

I'm thinking a good hard set of spam filters, adjusted as time
goes on and the tactics change are the best solution but I'm
taking input here as to the group's desires.



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