[Hardeneddrivers-discuss] RE: [cgl_discussion] Some Initial Comments on DDH-Spec-0.5h.pdf

Jeff Garzik jgarzik at pobox.com
Tue Sep 24 10:02:01 PDT 2002

Andy Pfiffer wrote:
> I made a quick pass over a 2.4.4 eepro100 module (I usually don't use
> modules...) and here is a short list of mostly-relevant routines called
> by the eepro100 driver.  If you wanted to consider putting your
> professional paranoia at the edges between drivers and the kernel, you
> might want to make a larger list like this for a reasonable sample of
> drivers.
>          U __const_udelay
>          U __ioremap
>          U __kfree_skb
>          U unregister_netdev
> Then, for everything that shows up on the list, take a look
> at the interface for each function and see if there is insufficient
> "defensive programming" going on...

You've just described the mission statement of the Kernel Janitors 
Project, pretty much...

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