[Hardeneddrivers-discuss] RE: [cgl_discussion] Some Initial Comments on DDH-Spec-0.5h.pdf

Andy Pfiffer andyp at osdl.org
Tue Sep 24 10:09:03 PDT 2002

> What you really want is a test-harness, both for runtime and compile-time 
> to validate that drivers are doing the right things at the right time.

Once, a long time ago, I worked with a team that built a 100%
pseudo-kernel compilation environment for driver development work
(non-Linux OS).  The idea was to develop a driver while the hardware and
kernel were still being developed.  All of the kernel interfaces that
were called by the driver were dummied up and made somewhat functional,
header files copied over, etc.

In the end, the driver wound up being a 100% drop-in-and-it-just-worked.

Perhaps there is some way to leverage User-Mode Linux for this (he says,
waving his hands wildly...).


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