[cgl_discussion] Sources from each build...

Jeremy A. Puhlman jpuhlman at mvista.com
Tue Sep 24 11:00:08 PDT 2002

Currently, on the build page for CGL there are only, tarballs of the result=
binaries...A couple questions. Why are there not rpms/srpms, since that is =
the build process produces? If there is no plan to put up rpms/srpms is the=
re some
way to get the sources used for each component and kernel that was used in =
each build?

Lastly I understand that cvs access is restricted to those that can submit =
to the individual
repositories. Is there a way to add anoncvs to the mix so that cvs is gener=
ally available for =


If I am missing something please point me in the correct direction....

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