[Hardeneddrivers-discuss] RE: [cgl_discussion] Some Initial Comments on DDH-Spec-0.5h.pdf

Jeff Garzik jgarzik at pobox.com
Tue Sep 24 11:28:27 PDT 2002

Patrick Mochel wrote:
> [ Some students at Stanford did something called the Stanford Checker, an 
> extension to gcc that they could teach to check for many things: large 
> on-stack variables, unfreed memory, etc etc. It's not open source, but 
> some people at Berkeley did something similar that was.. That's a big 
> project in itself, but would be great for compile-time checking..]

Let me highlight this point...

The Stanford Checker was a great tool.  Something like it would be an 
excellent weapon in the driver hardening arsenal.  Adding custom 
compile-checks let to the killing of _hundreds_ of bugs, with the kernel 
developers describing patterns the compiler could match for a set of 
particular bugs.

[and I still wonder why the Stanford Checker wasn't open source, since 
gcc is GPL'd... but anyway, I'll take that question to #offtopic]


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