Fw: [cgl_discussion] Sources from each build...

Jeremy A. Puhlman jpuhlman at mvista.com
Tue Sep 24 13:32:47 PDT 2002

> I am pretty sure I had asked for source tarballs, not binary tarballs.
> Build simply needs to verify the source we have builds and works. We
> should make the source tarballs available and it should be upto distros
> to generate binaries for whatever platform using whatever libraries and
> in whatever packaging format they desire. We should not be posting
> binaries.
> Did anyone else understand it differently? My memory may not be quite
> accurate.

That is basically what I am probing for...

> As for rpm packages, they indeed are distro specific. An RPM package for
> Redhat 7.3 is very unlikely to install on a Mandrake 8.2. IMO, we should
> not build rpm or any other packages.

They are only as distro specific as the compiled binaires that are contained with in.
Which makes the binary tarballs just as distro specific...
> I completely agree with you about location of instructions for accessing
> CVS. I had asked for those instructions to be placed in a prominent
> location at least three weeks back. I am waiting for integration team to
> do that. There is a bug in bugzilla.developer.osdl.org (bug # 485) as
> well for that. 



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