Fw: [cgl_discussion] Sources from each build...

Craig Griffin cgriffin at mvista.com
Tue Sep 24 14:11:40 PDT 2002

Khalid Aziz wrote:
> By publishing the source code from last known good build, we give people
> a convenient way of downloading the last known good sources as a single
> file. In general, when one checks out the top of tree from any CVS
> archive (CGL or not), one does not expect it to be in usable shape at
> all times. Top of the tree may have bugs, or might not build even.
> Sources from the last known good build are the only way to get source
> code you can put some faith in. Of course, what would be more reliable
> would be the sources from last completely tested and validated set of
> bits, but we are not there yet. Downloading a single tar file is much
> more convenient than checking sources out of CVS. The audience for this
> source tarball would be open source community and distros, primarily.

And, a single tar file is exactly what MontaVista needs to be able
to integrate and productize from CGL sources in an effective way.

In fact, we need a single tar file of the sources you used to build
and we need it for EVERY build you post, so we can diff from build
to build and so we can follow the threads of integration.

Trying to wade through all the CVS stuff, from an MV integration
standpoint, from build to build, would be a nightmare.

Output whatever format you think necessary to validation/QA.
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