[cgl_discussion] [validation framework] Using CGL_VALIDATION_ROOT in validation su ites

Fleischer, Julie N julie.n.fleischer at intel.com
Wed Sep 25 11:27:47 PDT 2002

Moving this discussion to the mailing list....

The way that the full CGL suite will eventually be run is that all suites
are built by a master Makefile and, in addition, all suites are run by a
master script.  In this case, CGL_VALIDATION_ROOT should be defined by those
master files.

I like Bingwei's idea, though, of locally defining the variable if it is run
or built alone.  That's a good idea that we can add to the BKMs.

I think Bingwei's solution should solve Zhu Yi's problem if you are running
your suite manually after the reboot.  Once we get the master script, this
should also be taken care of automatically.

- Julie

Julie Fleischer
Intel Corporation
julie.n.fleischer at intel.com

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For me, there are two components need to reboot during the test, it's
difficult to define the enviorn either in wrap.sh or Makefile. Any good

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From: Liu, Bing Wei 

Hi, Julie

Most test suites depend on the definition of CGL_VALIDATION_ROOT, no matter
which directory it points to.  Modifying the top-level Makefile may not be
able to support the execution of test suite, i.e. running wrap.sh.  The
methods we are using now is to check first if CGL_VALIDATION_ROOT is
defined. If not, then set it to the default value.  So, it won't break the
already-defined value.  Does it make sense?

if [ -z $CGL_VALIDATION_ROOT ]; then
    export CGL_VALIDATION_ROOT=/usr/lib/cglvalidation

Bingwei Liu              
Software Engineer,  Intel Corporation
bing.wei.liu at intel.com

This email message solely contains my own personal views, and not
necessarily those of my employer

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